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New Study: Getting Rid Of Daylight Saving Time May ALSO Affect Health…

A study found that if we got rid of Daylight Saving Time, it might actually be bad for our health.  Waking up when it’s dark out isn’t good for us.  It messes with our sleep patterns.  So if we didn’t fall back this Sunday, our internal clock would be confused for three full months instead of a few days twice a year.

In a new poll, 63% of people want to eliminate Daylight Saving Time FOREVER.  Just 16% want it to continue, and 21% “aren’t sure.”  Probably because they don’t remember why we’re even doing it in the first place. The idea, ages ago, was to align “waking hours” to “daylight hours,” but with technological advances and globalization, it has seemingly become more disruptive than beneficial.

Lose-lose situation here…Enjoy your “extra hour” of sleep this weekend!