Remy & Kasey

Missed the morning show on 92.3 WIL in St. Louis? You found the replay podcast with Remy & Kasey!

Latest Episodes

What Are You Doing With 400 Glue Sticks??

How early is too early to be in a new relationship after a breakup? IE – the Cyrus family escapades.
Say something nice about Amber Heard.
Britney Spears trivia for the Millennials.
Have you heard of ‘screen apnea’?
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Remy Gets Weird Urges.. ( + Wants To Know About Yours )

Remy Gets Weird Urges..
Our LEAST favorite parts of summer.
Texas Roadhouse rolls are supreme, period.
Brad Paisley goes back to high school.
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Only Liars Like Black Coffee

What’s something you thought was high class when you were growing up?
Waino should’ve retired last year.
What’s something you’re convinced people PRETEND to like?
Celebrities with crazy short marriages
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Morgan Caillou Wallen.. + Kelsea Ballerini is SHAMELESS

Morgan Goes Full Britney.
Kelsea Ballerini Buries the Bodies.
Zach Bryan is the Most Generous Artist.
Morgan Wade X Kyle Richards.
Jelly Roll Visits Another Jail.
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Britney Spears Should Move to Kirkwood

What dog breed are you loyal to?
Britney Spears husband files for divorce.
Morgan Wade getting too spicy for our Facebook page.
First day of school traditions. Cringey or cute?
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First Day of School Horror Stories.. + Feeling ‘BLINDSIDED’

Making bets on if Remy’s youngest will make it through the first day of school!
Feeling blind sided by “The Blind Side”.
Zach Bryan invites his middle school to a concert.
Movies you’d give a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
Quizzing Remy on fictional towns from TV shows.
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Remy’s Nursing Home Diet.. + Kasey’s Getting Chipped

Seriously, put a chip in her.
Morgan Wallen’s shaved head.
The Pat + Brittany Mahomes belong in a PBR.
Video of Remy coming out of anesthesia!
Kelsea Ballerini’s burying bodies.
Unpopular opinions of the week.
Do we like Morgan’s bald head??
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