The 92.3 WIL Alexa skill is the best way to listen on Amazon Alexa

Tap to Enable

You can also enable by voice

You should also be able to enable the skill at any time by saying…

“Alexa, enable ninety two three W I L skill”

Why Enable?

Just asking for Alexa to play your favorite content can sometimes be frustrating. You don't always get what you ask for. Part of this has to do with the way that Alexa has thousands of ways to play your favorite content built in. If you enable the 92.3 WIL Alexa skill you will have one command that will always work.

The 92.3 WIL skill also has added features and the ability to win prizes via Alexa Rewards. More information on Alexa Rewards below.

“Alexa, open ninety two three W I L”

How do I know if I'm listening to the skill?

If you hear the 92.3 WIL sounder before the stream begins, you are listening via the skill.

How do Alexa rewards work?

From time to time 92.3 WIL will offer up special prizes that are only available to enter to win via the station's Alexa skill.

“Alexa, ask ninety two three W I L what rewards are available”

If there is currently a prize available, just follow the prompts and say…

“Enter me to win”

What else can I do with the skill?

“Alexa, ask ninety two three W I L what song is playing?”