Hometown Heroes

Tammy Johnson

100223 Tammy Johnson Hth

Tammy Johnson is today’s Hometown Hero!!!

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Tammy is a Paraprofessional (teachers aide). She works at Marrissa Illinois High School and loves her job! She just had 2 surgeries and only missed one week of school. She went back the 2nd week after back surgery because she was so worried about making sure the kids didn’t get behind on their work. When she went back to work and walked in to do lunch duty, the kids were chanting her name. They were all asking her Ms.Tammy where have you been, we were worried about you, why do you have that thing (back brace) on you? She loves those kids as family. She has 6 kids of her own; three step and three she gave birth to. Her stepson lost his biological mom 2 years ago to a drug overdose and she has taken him under her wing and raising and accepting him as her own … he is 13 years old. She has two dogs, Zeus and Zoey. If her husband would let her, she would bring every one of those kids at her school home and raise them as hers. Her job is not just a job to her, it’s her passion. When she is asked why she works there for so little pay, she says “those kids need me as much as I need them. It’s all about making the future world a better place.”

Tammy was nominated by Les Johnson

Tammy wanted to hear Is There Life Out There by Reba McEntire


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