Hometown Heroes

Ryan Kaylor

072423 Ryan Kaylor Hth

Ryan Kaylor is today’s Hometown Hero!!!

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Ryan is a remarkable individual who truly embodies the spirit of a first responder and the qualities of a devoted father and husband. Ryan’s journey began at a young age when he joined the Fairview Heights Fire Department. From volunteering tirelessly for years to becoming an EMT at Belleville Memorial and attending paramedic school at Southwestern Illinois College, Ryan’s dedication to saving lives grew stronger. Ryan’s commitment extended to various EMS agencies such as Monroe County EMS, Columbia EMS, Abbott EMS, and Millstadt EMS, where he lent his expertise in providing crucial medical care. Seeking new challenges, Ryan decided to attend the esteemed St. Louis County Fire Academy, and upon graduation, he joined the ranks of the Eureka Fire Protection District as a firefighter. However, Ryan’s journey didn’t stop there. Determined to excel and make a lasting impact, he found his home at the West Overland Fire Protection District in North County St. Louis. Here, he continues to serve his community with unwavering dedication and is known for his enthusiasm in organizing public relations events, ensuring his department remains connected with the community they protect. But what truly sets Ryan apart is his unwavering devotion to his family. Despite his demanding career, he always puts his loved ones first, striving to be the best father and husband he can be. Ryan’s pride in his role as a family man is a testament to his character and shows his ability to balance the demands of his profession with the love and care he pours into his home. Ryan is a shining example of a first responder, a proud father, and a devoted husband. His passion, dedication, and love for both his profession and his family make him an exceptional individual worth celebrating

Ryan was nominated by Kenneth James

Ryan wanted to hear Outlaw by Morgan Wallen


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