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Matt Sanders

Matt Sanders Hth

Matt Sanders is today’s Hometown Hero!!!

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Matt Sanders is much more than a hometown name. For over 7 years he has worked with the St Baldricks Foundation which funds the best in childhood cancers research. He is always looking for ways to get his community involved. Currently in his 7th year, he has done a lot for this organization from dine to donates to special events, Matt finds away to engage his community. Fight for our kids and their future has been the main goal. Even during a pandemic he found creative ways to keep his events going while keeping everyone safe and that included offering delivery options during his dine to donates and a take home project from Mommys Design Farm when events could not happen in person in 2020. He made the 2020-2021 St. Baldricks fundraising year a memorable one. Raising almost $6,800 and the 2021-2022 fundraising year his totals in 8 years crossed the $25,000 mark just recently. When he teamed up with nationally recognized Mann Meats Restaurant and Food Truck of Florissant on a frigid February day, they raised over $1100 for childhood cancer research and a very cold day and Matt knew the sky was the limit and when there was a will to get creative there was a way to move forward. This is an awesome example on what leadership Matt and the small businesses that he teams up with. He knew he could do it if he could find away to put his mind to it. He even won a golf cart race at St. Ferdinand Park for charity to help historic Florissant restore the Wiese House. Where ever there is something going in our community, you will probably see Matt either helping or running the event himself. He is currently serving on the board of directors of Florissant Old Town Partners continuing to serve members of this community. The world needs more people like Matt. He is one of a kind

Matt was nominated by Russell Sanders

Matt wanted to hear When It Rains It Pours by Luke Combs


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