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BIG 3: STL New Mental Health Program, MO/IL Minimum Wage Goes Up & Vaccines Continue to Roll Out

1. St. Louis is getting ready to start a new program that will direct mental health calls away from 911.  The city is partnering with Behavioral Health Response to hand over certain 911 calls to mental health therapists.

2. Missouri plans to get the minimum wage up to $12 by 2025 and Illinois plans to reach $15 an hour by 2025.  Supporters of the increase say it can be seen as hazard pay or a “thank you” to workers who have endured working through a global pandemic.

3.  The nation’s top infectious disease expert is advocating for better federal and state cooperation when it comes to vaccines. Fauci said he has seen “some little glimmer of hope” after 1.5 million doses were administered in the previous 72 hours, or an average of about 500,000 per day, a marked increase in vaccinations.