Remy and Kasey are asking for your help buying a service dog for a local vet suffering from PTSD!

Got Your Six in Maryville, IL supports veterans and first responders who have risked their lives serving our country.

With your help, we can make a difference in the life of a real hometown hero.

Click HERE for more info and to make a donation!

Thanks to Carol House Furniture – the largest selection at the lowest price – because you like nice things.


Got Your Six Support Dogs is committed to providing specialized service dogs to veterans and first-responders suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and/or sexual trauma. Our mission is to help these men and women regain their lives through the healing power of dogs. The organization began due to the need of veterans and first-responders requesting PTSD service dogs when all other methods of treatment had failed. A service dog can truly change the life of an individual suffering from PTSD. They not only train service dogs and then match them with their lifelong owners, but also train therapy dogs so that they can serve local area residents in nursing homes, hospitals, schools, etc. Got Your Six Support Dogs’ goal is to place trained PTSD service dogs with veterans and first-responders at no cost to help them heal from the psychological stress of war and duty through the compassion and healing power of their loyal 4-legged companions.

The service dogs are trained to:

• Alert to Anxiety
• Recognize and Interrupt Harmful Behaviors
• Wake Its Owner From Night Terrors
• Provide a Sense of Security and Combat Hypervigilance
• Reteach Emotions, Such as Love and Affection

The selected service dogs are trained by professional trainers for approximately one year and then matched with an applicant. The pairings occur over a 14-day period. During this period, the recipient also attends a daily trauma resiliency/suicide prevention course led by a licensed therapist. This training process and the dog is provided to the recipient at no cost.